Half way there…..


Hey guys,

Hope you all are having a good weekend. I was wondering if you guys would have a few minutes to stay after Allan’s class Tuesday to discuss where we are and how to go about the presentation and the paper. I’m gonna finish up American Poster Art of the early 19th century. I’ve traced back to the Japanese prints, so maybe we can research the history of printmaking (Ian you might know a good bit about that already) to cover the pre-French Poster Art time period, and then start on the more contemporary stuff. I think the major points we still need to hit are the Polish posters, travel posters, early Hollywood movie posters, and the 60’s Fillmore/pschyadelic music posters. If anyone has some stuff they’d like to add to that, just post. I’ll start drafting some paragraphs on what we’ve covered, post it, and we can all begin to edit together. Hope  to see you guys Tuesday.



2 Responses to “Half way there…..”

  1. bill Says:

    love the art noveau posters – considering doing some packaging and wondered what would the limitations of using some to the images on labels?

    • lbolin Says:

      Hi Bill,
      Our blog was for the purpose of researching posters in history so we don’t actually have the rights to any of the images, just used them for visuals to accompany our project. I’m sure you could find some copyright-free art nouveau inspired images though. I know the company Dover makes a lot of books with CD-rom’s that you could find at amazon or Barnes and Noble, most likely. Good luck!

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