Research Paper Outline


Thesis: Posters are indicative of the context in which they are made, accessible to and embraced by the public, and typically share a theme of promoting the leisure activities or political agendas.

  1. Historical artifacts> contextualize culture by depicting fashions, trends, environments, etc., what was deemed entertaining, what was considered eye-catching at the time; popular aesthetic (cabaret, psychedelia, graphic)
  2. Accessibility> exist on walls of buildings, inside bedrooms, storefronts, essentially anywhere- people could collect with little to no $- not like gallery setting; meant for mass audience instead of inner art circle
  3. Leisure themes> effectively delivered information along with aesthetic of subject (book, movie, play, music); appeals to artistic eye; go hand in hand bc they are both fun, visual, strengthen impact of one another; Food & wine- luxury;  Travel; War themes

The Beginning- Chronology of Print Technology

  1. Early methods & significance
  2. Breakthrough in lithography> what this means: reproducing image in color, gestural freedom- new aesthetic
  3. Screen-printing and contemporary uses

French Poster Art- major players; social context- cabarets, actors, location, people  (prostitutes, bourgeoisie, artists> subversive underground mix), art movement

  1. Industrial Revolution- socioeconomic shift- dispensable income, more leisure time, rise of the middle-class
  2. Cabarets, first commissions
  3. Cheret> first Moulin Rouge poster
  4. Toulouse-Lautrec> handicapped aristocrat w artistic talent> had $ to enjoy cafe/cabaret life, fit in well with seedy, but decadent underground culture> worked to capture brothel scenes, social interactions, and contributed to success of cabarets
  5. The Academie Standard & Cafe Life Reaction> power taken from exclusive inner circle to artists who gained fame from the masses by capturing the underworld & popular culture of time> issues of reproducing image, color/brushwork techniques; Academie no longer “the IT crowd”
  6. The actors & their image (propelled by the artists)- Jane Avril, Bruant
  7. Presence of posters in everyday life> streets of Paris became an art gallery, loved by masses> patronized shows> fueled movement more

American Poster Art, Late 19th Cent.

  1. Advertising books & magazines (new, emerged at same time as posters)> The artists, main commissioners/publications, popular works
  2. Immediate craze- collections, limited edition books, poster clubs
  3. An abrupt end- outselling books they were supposed to be promoting

Other Vintage Posters- Travel, Food & Wine

Old Hollywood Posters

Polish posters

War Posters- America vs. Europe

Psychedelia & Art of the Fillmore


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