Fillmore Posters


Bill Graham & the Fillmore Poster Origin- San Francisco Mime Troupe Nov. 5, 1965- Bill Graham’s first small poster- simple with hand-printed calligraphy, stated info

“after the fifties and early sixties with their years of repressive morality, etiquette and grooming codes, creative people were essentially in need of a big “hairy” change.” pg. 11

scene evolves from Beat and Folkies to beginnings of Haight-Ashbury Acid Rock culture

young culture breaks loose in January ’66 in San Francisco Psychedelic Renaissance- questioning of all known concepts

“That was the trip. And that is why posters became beautiful and blossomed and flourished: because they had to say everything. They couldn’t just tell you the information about the show. They had to tell you what kind of people you might meet, what kind of far out trip you might have or perhaps even reveal the mysteries of the universe. Wow. Quantum mechanics, visual mudwrestling, Acid Test pop quiz on a phone pole!”

“You could give your own pad some ‘atmosphere’, some appeal. The beautiful hallucinatory images and illusive feelings that artist tried to capture on paper were alluring. Hundreds of thousands of copies of these posters began selling and dissemination to empathetic souls throughout the realm.”

First Venues were Red Dog Saloon + The Fillmore Mime Troupe Benefits (Bill Graham), The Merry Pranksters (groups on LSD trying to spread psychedelic lifestyle)

Psychedelic art forms: costume, free-form dancing, the light show, the poster

theory behind psychedelic phenomena: mind normally serves as a reducing valve- regulate our experience: order it into categories, set the pace of input, and filter out sensory impressions psychedelic drugs undo all that; flooding mind w impressions


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